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Remote Monitoring
With our remote monitoring service, you can rest assured that your IT Infrastructure is monitored 24/7 and we are always keeping an eye on the health of your systems. We focus on monitoring the following:

Vulnerability: By monitoring the vulnerability of your systems, we can deploy updates to your anti-virus software, and ensure that it is always up to date and protecting you. We will also be able to monitor the health of your hardware, and can notify you of impending hardware failures before you even suspect anything, thus being able to take steps to protect the hardware.

Availability: We will monitor the availability of your services, such as emails, internet connection or web hosting, meaning that we can attend to any possible problems before you even need to call us to request help.

Compliance: With our compliance monitoring, we keep an eye on who is doing what on your network. We will ensure no illegal activity is happening online, e.g. Porn and gambling at the office. We will also be able to identify illegal downloading at the office, e.g. Downloading of illegal software and Movies. We can also ensure that all your software licenses are correct and active.

The remote monitoring software runs in the background as a system service without disturbing your daily routine. It requires no effort from the user’s side, and if personalised assistance is required, a request for help is only two clicks away. This system is available on Windows, iOS and Linux.

Cloud Services

If you are interested in moving your data off-site and into the cloud, we have a brilliant solution for you. Cloud Server Hosting.
We can have a cloud server up and running for you in a fraction of the time it will take to repair or replace your on-site server.
The cloud server acts as your normal file server at the office, but is available from anywhere at any time, as long as you have an internet connection.

With Cloud App Deployment, we can enable you to work from anywhere, at any time and in the cloud. Your accounts department can invoice and do what they need to do, regardless of where they are, your sales team can access email and your CRM in the field without delay!
The Apps in the cloud, allows you to have access to a desktop computer from any device, be it your Tablet PC, Mobile Phone or public access computer. It’s like having your office computer with you at all times.

Technical Consulting

After performing a free analysis of your systems and infrastructure, and all your software, we will provide you with a detailed report of the integrity, performance and all vulnerability’s in your infrastructure. We will also give you our professional recommendations on how to improve or repair the speed, reliability and overall performance of all your IT systems and network infrastructure.

If you have a problem that is just a bit too much for you to fix yourself, we can assist you remotely to repair software problems, but if that is still not enough, we will come to youand repair any hardware or software issues. We can replace hardware as needed on-site and ensure that everything is running 100% before we go.